Childcare centre encouraging outdoor play in melville childrens garden Childrens garden daycare centre in melville

Welcome to Children’s Garden Perth your Children’s Home from Home

A small nature/play based little school in Melville. At our daycare centre children are encouraged to play with mud ,sand,water and be part of nature as opposed to the plastic world we live in.

We support the children at The Children’s Garden Perth, we help them reach their full potential. We recognise that each child is a capable and competent learner.

This is encouraged by educators who provide experiences in line with children’s
interests,pose open ended questions to encourage thinking and problem solving skills and converse with children regarding their interests.

Our indoor environment is aesthetically pleasing and arranged in an ordered and
accessible manner. While the outdoor environment encourages open ended challenges and
enjoyment of nature. Our indoor / outdoor environment allows children to choose their
own areas of interest and allows them to determine how they play and learn. This we
believe gives children a strong self belief, builds resilience and encourages problem
solving skills.
We support sustainable practices and encourage the children and families to reuse and
recycle materials where possible. Children participate in gardening to provide food and
assist in the care of our hens that provide eggs.

Children’s Garden Perth – 369 Marmion Street, Melville, WA 6156

Phone: (08) 9317 4467 – Email: thechildrensgardenperth@gmail.com